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Discover true South African diamond expertise.

South Africa is considered the leader in white diamond quality. 

A country built on a rich mining history.  Industry and craftsman have perfected their skill throughout the generations.

Visit an Institute and discover the art of diamond cutting and the history of diamonds and gold mining in South Africa.

The Diamond Works Institute offers five locations; Cape Town and O.R. Tambo International Duty Free.

The experience shares the goldsmith manufacturing process of the in-house, third generation goldsmiths crafting African precious metal. An added service invites you to design your very own bespoke piece of jewellery; print a CAD generated wax replica before goldsmiths manufacture your original piece all within a 24 hour window.

High quality African experience, sharing the specialised world of diamonds.

Tanzanite, 1000 times rarer than diamonds and considered the Essence of Africa is carefully transformed through the polishing boutique, a unique experience that provides the only operating studio within the Southern Hemisphere open to the public.

This experience is available 7 days a week, including all public holidays. 

Tours are available in various foreign languages.