France is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. There are so many beautiful landscapes and artistic treasures that France has to offer. Provence is a region that has kept it high up on the list with its warm climate and glittering Mediterranean horizons as well as sophisticated cities and unspoiled mountainous country. We explore the most charming towns of Provence and their cultural attractions. Check out our list below for the most amazing places to visit in Provence France.


Antibes is a popular destination for holidaymakers because of its beautiful yachts and golden sand beaches. You’ll be amazed at its charming 16th-century ramparts, narrow cobblestone streets, and flower-festooned houses. It is easy to see why artists and writers like Monet, Graham Greene, and Picasso loved it. Pencil in a trip to Cap d’Antibes beyond town for its hidden beaches backed up by millionaire mansions.

Places to visit in Provence France
Antibes – Top of our list for amazing places to visit in Provence France


This little-known corner of the Cote d’Azur is situated snugly – but smugly – by the Italian border between Alpes Maritimes, and the Mediterranean. It has a wonderful microclimate that rivals its glitzier neighbors. This balmy atmosphere has led to centuries-old lemon cultivation traditions that have been infused into the local cuisine. Look up at the beautiful old port and admire the pastel-coloured buildings, sub-tropical gardens, and Jean Cocteau museum, which is housed in an old fort.


This picturesque medieval hilltop village is located between Monaco and Nice at 420m (1.400ft) above the sea level. It’s topped by the craggy remains of a 12th century castle. Jardin Exotique, a cactus garden, is worth the climb. It’s layered with succulents and citrus trees, as well as tropical plants. The sun-yellow Baroque church, which dates back to 1764, is also worth a visit and a spot on our list of places to visit in Provence France. The breathtaking views from the coast will make you stop and stare as you climb higher. Don’t forget to take as many picture as you can for one of the most amazing places to visit in Provence France


Arles, located in the Provence-Alpes -Cote d’Azur Region at the Camargue National Park, is a hive of Van Gogh nostalgia. The artist created more than 200 works in this charming Roman town. Arles is a Unesco World Heritage site because of its stately amphitheatre. It was one of the largest Roman amphitheatres. Frank Gehry’s twisting aluminum tower brings Arles’ architecture up to date. This is yet another reason to visit the city.


This former fishing port is located in a protected bay with hills behind it. It has attracted many visitors over the years, including Thomas Mann and Katherine Mansfield. It’s a popular spot for French tourists from Marseille and Toulon as well as tourists who love its sandy beaches. You can also find smaller creeks and rocky bays along the coast path if you prefer privacy. You can stroll through the town and enjoy a refreshing scoop of lavender ice cream.


Gordes is a hidden gem among the rugged landscapes in the Luberon Regional Natural Park and belongs on our list of places to visit in Provence France. The village is a collection of cobblestone streets and golden-stone houses that wind around a mountain. It culminates in a 16th century chateau. Famous painters have called the village home, including Marc Chagall and Jean Deyrolle, Victor Vasarely, Victor Vasarely, and Pol Mara. The village is surrounded by jagged rocks and greenery, so you can see why it might have inspired them. The Pol Mara Museum and Bories’ historic village are highlights for visitors.

Places to visit in Provence France


Romantic Uzes is referred to as ‘the First Duchy of France’. It still has a duke. He resides in a castle located in the centre of town with its medieval residences and cobbled streets. There are also flourishing gardens and the landmark Tour Fenestrelle. Pont du Gard is the most prominent historical attraction, which is a well-preserved Roman aqueduct that is frequently listed as one of France’s top attractions. Curiously, Uzes is not well-known among tourists. Visit now to enjoy its authentic, peaceful atmosphere.


Lourmarin is a historic layer cake, with its neolithic burial ground, Roman city remains and grand Renaissance chateau, as well as charming stone homes, it is a historical treasure trove. It is located in the Luberon mountains, in a valley. There are a few galleries and the tombs of Albert Camus, Henri Bosco, and there are many other attractions. You’re in clover for food lovers – there are traditional cafes and bistros in the centre. Reine Sammut, one of France’s most famous chefs, manages the restaurant Auberge La Feniere, which is located in a historic building just outside town.


Roussillon, alongside Gordes, is the most visited destination in the Luberon massif. It sits at the top a cliff next to an old ochre mine. The charming dwellings are built in the 17th and 18th centuries and painted in the shades of local rock. They are surrounded by lush mountain vegetation and stunning views that have drawn many artists over the years. Roussillon has a vibrant art and gallery scene. There are many activities that can be done in the area’s ochre-rich environment, such as cycling along the cliffs or pigment-making workshops. This is a must-see on our places to visit in Provence France.


This small mountain community, with its medieval walls and ornate fountains, is a must-see for art and history lovers. Van Gogh painted some of his most famous works while there, including The Starry Night (1889), The Wheat Field series (1889-1890), and numerous paintings of roses, irises, and forest trees. The hospital also has haunting views. After visiting the Nostradamus birthplace, you can settle in at a cozy cafe to enjoy some of Saint Remy’s delicious cuisine.

places to visit in provence france
Saint-Remy-de-Provence – another one of the amazing places to visit in Provence France


Another village that belongs on our list of places to visit in Provence France, is located on a ridge close to the Nesque river canyons. The charming houses, ramparts, and churches dating back to the Middle Ages are a draw for visitors. Also, they love the stunning rock formations and the pre-Romanesque Baptistere de Venasque, which is one of France’s oldest shrines. Their rural, isolated location has preserved these historic sites in pristine condition. Venasque is known for its grape and cherry production, with its farms producing some of the finest under the Mediterranean sun.

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