Summer is the best time to take vacation days. We took into account affordability, weather, variety, and expert sentiment to determine the best summer vacations. Note: The coronavirus may have an impact on some of the destinations listed below. Before you travel, check with the CDC or the U.S. Department of State before you consider these places to go in United States for vacation.

Below is our top 3 places to go in United States for vacation:


places to go in United States for vacation

Yellowstone National Park offers breathtaking peaks and beautiful lakes. Hot springs are surrounded by multicolored pools; lush forests wind past vast meadows; volatile geysers send steaming water towards the sky. It’s easy to see why so many people thought John Colter, a scout for the explorers Lewis and Clark, was embellishing Yellowstone’s natural beauty. It’s clear that this park is one of the truly extraordinary places to go in United States for vacation. You will be sharing the trails with buffalo, elk, and sometimes even grizzlies as you travel through its 3000+ square miles of canyons, geysers, waterfalls, and mountains.

Yellowstone is visited by more than 4,000,000 people each year. However, you are unlikely to see any of them unless you spend the entire time at Old Faithful. Yellowstone’s 2.2million acres stretch from Wyoming’s northwest corner to Montana’s edges, providing plenty of unexplored territory. You should allow yourself a few days to enjoy the views at Yellowstone Lake or Mammoth Hot Springs. 

You should also save time for trails that take you through less-known areas, such as the West Thumb Geyser Basin hot springs and the wild wildlife found along the Lewis River Channel or Dogshead Loop. Although the sheer number and variety of wildlife-watching opportunities available may seem overwhelming at first glance, you can always return for a second trip. You defiunitely will agree that this is one of the amazing places to go in United States for vacation

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park is home to Wyoming’s Teton Mountains, which tower over Jackson Hole Valley and are crowned with jagged snow-topped peaks. The photo opportunities are endless, from the majestic Grand Teton at 13,770 feet to the sparkling Jenny and Jackson lakes that reflect the mountains’ depths, The park isn’t just for photographers and mountaineers. The area’s trails are open to all levels of hikers, and offer stunning views of the Tetons and hidden waterfalls during peak season. This is one of the must-see places to go in United States for vacation.

The Snake River is a popular choice for kayakers, rafters, and anyone who just wants to float. Mormon Row and Menors Ferry are two historic districts that appeal to history enthusiasts who are interested in the Western Frontier’s 19th-century past.

This park covers nearly 500 miles and is home to a variety of wildlife including black bears (grizzlies), moose, bison, antelope, and moose. Autumn visitors will be able to see the park lit up by golden aspens. If you want to visit another national park while on vacation, you can drive a few miles north to Yellowstone which is adjacent to Grand Teton.


Mark Twain wrote in “Life on the Mississippi” that “It is impossible for the occasional visitor try to keep pace with Chicago – she grows his prophecies quicker than he can make them.” Twain’s impression of Chicago has lasted despite not having been there for 50 years. The third-largest American city has been described in many ways over its entire history. Chicago was known for its industry when Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were competing to be the first to use their forms electric to light the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. 

Al Capone and other notorious mobsters transformed Chicagoland into a dangerous playground when Prohibition came into effect. The Windy City was also impacted by a series of immigration waves in the 20th century, which brought many new identities, including Greek, Polish and Italian immigrants.

Chicago is still diverse today, with a vibrant arts scene, a variety of shopping districts, and an abundance of restaurants. Visitors to Chi-Town for the first time will be able to gaze up at the sky for at most a few days. Chicago’s skyscrapers, public art and architecture are worth admiring. Take a Chicago Architecture River Cruise with us or spend a few hours in Millennium Park. You’ll be spending a lot of time looking up.  

Take a look at Chicago’s Skydeck Chicago from Willis Tower or the John Hancock Center 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck for a bird’s eye view. Then, take a deep dive into the city’s many attractions, including its outstanding museums and vibrant sports culture. You can get some help in navigating Chi-Town by signing up for one the top Chicago tours.

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