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Gourmet Dining


Visit our three diamond partners and be part of a very rare and unique opportunity. Additionally, as a buyer, you can verify for yourself that the diamonds are of the highest caliber, 100% real, conflict-free, certified, and obtained without the need for an expensive or time-consuming middleman, translating into the best value for you.

This an essential to any luxury vacation in South Africa. We give visitors the unique chance to go on a “diamond safari” along South Africa’s mineral-rich west coast, where they can select their own raw diamond to be polished, cut, and set into jewelry at one of our partner design studios in Cape Town. We are the experts in Gourmet Dining.

Diamond Safari South Africa

This an essential to any luxury vacation in South Africa. We give visitors the unique chance to go on a “diamond safari” along South Africa’s mineral-rich west coast, where they can select their own raw diamond to be polished, cut, and set into jewelry at one of our partner design studios in Cape Town. We are the experts in Gourmet Dining.

Gourmet Dining Benoni

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Gourmet Dining

Why You Need To Book A Tour With Us

As a luxury travel planner offering bespoke services in Cape Town, I can provide tailored itineraries and experiences to suit the unique preferences and interests of each individual or group, regardless of the duration of their stay. Here’s how I can offer a bespoke travel planning service in Cape Town, ranging from one day to any amount of days:

1. Customized Itineraries:

I would start by understanding the client’s interests, preferences, and any specific experiences they are seeking. This could include cultural activities, culinary experiences, outdoor adventures, wildlife encounters, wellness retreats, or any other personalized requests.

2. Personalized Accommodation:

Based on the client’s preferences, I can recommend and arrange stays at luxury hotels, boutique guesthouses, private villas, or exclusive safari lodges that align with their tastes and requirements.

3. Exclusive Experiences:

I can curate a selection of exclusive experiences such as private guided tours of Cape Town’s landmarks, wine tastings at renowned vineyards, private yacht charters, helicopter tours over the Cape Peninsula, or immersive cultural encounters.

4. Culinary Delights:

For food enthusiasts, I can arrange reservations at top-rated restaurants, private cooking classes, or curated culinary tours to explore the diverse and vibrant food scene of Cape Town.

5. Adventure and Wellness:

Customized adventure activities such as hiking Table Mountain, shark cage diving, or wellness experiences such as spa retreats and yoga sessions can be incorporated into the itinerary.

6. Transportation and Logistics:

I can arrange private transportation, airport transfers, and any logistical support required to ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

7. Flexibility:

Whether the client is looking for a one-day excursion, a
week-long itinerary, or an extended stay, the bespoke travel planning
service can accommodate any duration of visit, offering flexibility and
customization throughout.

8. Personal Concierge:

Throughout the client’s stay, I can provide a personal concierge service to ensure that their needs are met, and any last-minute requests or changes can be accommodated.

By offering a personalized and flexible approach to travel planning, I can create unique and unforgettable experiences for clients visiting Cape Town, regardless of the duration of their stay. This level of customization allows for a truly bespoke travel experience that caters to individual preferences and ensures a memorable journey in Cape Town. Book your Gourmet Dining.

Gourmet Dining

Only The Best Will Do

The entire trip features the very best of the best at every turn, from the selection of travel accommodations to food and the diamond process. It’s a trip that can’t be duplicated anywhere else, and it’s packaged as a private affair couples can enjoy on their own or entire groups can enjoy.

Gourmet Dining

5 day luxury itinerary in Cape Town

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

  • Arrive in Cape Town and check into one of the city’s top luxury hotels, such as the One&Only Cape Town or the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel.
  • After settling in, spend the afternoon relaxing at the hotel’s spa or pool, enjoying some well-deserved downtime after your journey.
  • A visit to The Diamond Gallery showroom.
  • In the evening, head to one of Cape Town’s fine dining restaurants, such as La Colombe or The Test Kitchen, for a world-class dining experience.

Day 2: City Exploration and Wine Tasting

  • Start the day with a private guided tour of Cape Town, visiting iconic landmarks such as Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, and the Bo-Kaap neighborhood.
  • Enjoy a gourmet lunch at a renowned restaurant in the city, such as The Pot Luck Club or The Roundhouse.
  • A visit to Afrogem showroom.
  • In the afternoon, take a private chauffeured tour to the Cape Winelands, visiting prestigious wine estates such as Delaire Graff Estate, Tokara, and Jordan. Enjoy wine tastings and a scenic drive through the beautiful vineyard landscapes.
  • Return to Cape Town for a sophisticated dinner at one of the city’s upscale eateries, such as Nobu at the One&Only Cape Town.

Day 3: Coastal Adventure and Fine Dining

  • Embark on a luxury coastal adventure, such as a private yacht charter along the Cape Peninsula. Enjoy the stunning coastal views, and perhaps even some whale or dolphin watching.
  • A morning visit to The Diamond Works showroom.
  • Have a gourmet lunch on board the yacht or at a seaside restaurant in a picturesque location like Camps Bay or Hout Bay.
  • – Return to the city in the evening and indulge in a culinary journey at one of Cape Town’s top-rated fine dining establishments, such as The Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort or Azure Restaurant at The Twelve Apostles Hotel.

Day 4: Cultural Exploration and Sunset Cocktails

  • Spend the morning exploring Cape Town’s cultural attractions, such as the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) and the District Six Museum, with a private guide providing insight into the city’s history and art scene.
  • Today we visit the First Diamonds showroom.
  • Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a trendy bistro in a vibrant neighborhood like Woodstock or Bree Street.
  • In the late afternoon, head to the iconic Table Mountain for a sunset cocktail experience at the exclusive Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa. Take in the breathtaking views while sipping on handcrafted cocktails.

Day 5: Nature Excursion and Farewell Dinner

  • Conclude your luxury Cape Town experience with a private helicopter tour over the city and the Cape Peninsula, providing a unique and spectacular perspective of the region’s natural beauty.
  • Return to the city for a farewell dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, such as La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek, offering an unforgettable culinary experience to cap off your time in Cape Town.


In addition to the luxury diamond shopping itinerary, we are also able to offer visits to:
  • Sanbona Wildlife Reserve
  • Gondwana Game Reserve
  • Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve
  • Garden Route Game Lodge
  • Botlierskop Game Reserve
  • Buffelsdrift Game Lodge


This itinerary offers a mix of luxury accommodations, fine dining, exclusive experiences, and cultural exploration, providing a comprehensive and indulgent experience of Cape Town’s top attractions.

Gourmet Dining

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Shawn Beltran
Shawn Beltran


What an amazing tour. I never dreamt I could make so many memories in one place - plus I got the perfect diamond to propose to the love of my life.

Miya Hansen
Miya Hansen


I just needed to take some time out and do something special for myself. Christopher and the team were truly exceptional. I have told all my giirlfriends that we should do this as a group next time!

Liya Pickett
Liya Pickett


My husband and I had the best time of our lives. It was so romantic and we were truly pampered. We could just relax, knowing that everything was being taken care of.