Are you looking for the best quick honeymoon destinations in USA to celebrate your love? There are many charming, warm and exciting cities in the United States that can be used to relax after a successful wedding. There are many ways to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in America, including sunbathing on some of the most beautiful beaches or cuddling up by the fireplace.

No matter if you’re an adventurous couple or the easy-going couple, below is a shortlist of some of the best quick honeymoon destinations in USA.

These are the best quick honeymoon destinations in USA:

  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Kuaui, Hawaii
best quick honeymoon destinations in usa

1: Aspen, Colorado

Let it snow, let’s snow, let it snow! Aspen is the ideal place to snuggle up next to the fire while on your honeymoon. You can take lessons together in skiing or go on a snowmobile ride. Aspen is great for couples who love to get out and about. There are many activities that revolve around the great outdoors. While Aspen might not be the first thing that comes to mind when the sun shines, summer is what makes Aspen so beautiful. Your loved one and you can hike up the mountain to discover those special spots that will be treasured for many years. 

Aspen, a luxurious relaxation paradise, is a great option for honeymooners who want to get a bit more R&R. This city offers a variety of 5-star spas, including expertly-managed massages and some of the most luxurious ones. Your honeymoon will feel like a vacation in paradise. If you and your partner are a bit of both, you can take to the spas after a day of skiing. Play, relax, and most importantly, love! Aspen is a top choice for the best quick honeymoon destinations in USA.

2: Kauai, Hawaii

This is the perfect getaway for you and your spouse after a wedding. Although Hawaii is a very popular destination for honeymooners, Kauai is a great place for couples looking to enjoy some alone time in paradise. Although beaches are popular, there are many excursions that will allow you to feel like you are on your own on an unforgettable, private adventure. You can snorkel together, learn to surf, or take a helicopter tour. 

Kauai is an ideal place to truly refresh. Kauai is able to accommodate you, no matter what your style. Some of the main attractions include Farmer’s markets and celebrations of arts. This is not to mention the adrenaline-seeking activities like kayaking and ziplining. You and your partner will discover what makes the night unforgettable. Kauai is a romantic destination for honeymoon that’s both relaxing and exciting.

3: Key West, Florida Key West, Florida

Honeymoon at mile zero! Key West is paradise for beach lovers! You’ll be able to make your honeymoon last forever in Key West, with its beautiful white-sand beaches, and the finest resorts, one of the most popular beach destinations in the US. After a day of exciting snorkeling in Florida Keys, you can relax by the pool and enjoy a special cocktail. There are so many options to get out on the water that it is difficult to choose a company. Jet skiing, boating or watching aquatic animals, it’s up to you and your partner! After you return to land, visit Duval Street to experience the city. 

You can find your favorite shops and restaurants along the way as you stroll down the main streets. Enjoy your honeymoon by cheering on the setting sun as it sets over the beautiful ocean water.

4: Lake Tahoe (California Lake Tahoe), California

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place that all the poets agree with. The reason why this makes our best quick honeymoon destinations in USA list is the variety of activities available, no matter when you visit. Many resorts offer a variety of activities in the sun during the summer. You can enjoy things like ziplines, ropes course, kayaking on lakes, and other summer activities together. The slopes are legendary in winter. 

There are many trails to choose from when descending the mountainside. Many Tahoe resorts offer stunning views of the lake as you go down the mountainside. After all the excitement, you can spend time with your loved one at a local restaurant or in your resort or rental. Lake Tahoe will make it easy to go back to your honeymoon every year.

5: Kennebunkport, Maine Kennebunkport, Maine

Together, answer the call to the sea! Maine is a charming, beautiful state that boasts so much natural beauty it shouldn’t be a surprise that honeymooners love it. Kennebunkport is a beautiful port town on the coast that attracts couples from all over the globe to fulfil their honeymoon plans. You can browse the wide selection of specialty items in downtown, as well as delicious, fresh seafood. Or, just relax by the water. You can relax here after your wedding and enjoy lots of entertainment for your perfect honeymoon weekend.

6: Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes are the perfect place for a New York honeymoon, with lots of solitude! There are beautiful lakes and slopes that you can snowboard or ski on in the winter, as well as stunning views of the lakeshores.

Take your hiking boots with you to Watkins Glen State Park. You’ll be able to hike through the New York forests, enjoying stunning views of lush waterfalls. After a long day, you can enjoy a relaxing evening at one of the resorts nearby, where you can indulge in all the luxury you desire. One of the best quick honeymoon destinations in USA is definitely the Finger Lakes.

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